The Grass Is Greener
On the Animal Free Side.

Oh the possibilities.

Puts Traditional Dairy Out to Pasture

We’ve partnered with Perfect Day to create an easy to spread, delicious Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread. It has the great taste and creamy texture of dairy, but it’s totally animal free.

It’s made using an incredible process that starts with a cow’s genetic code and ends with a creamy, rich spread that’s free of animals, gluten, lactose, antibiotics and hormones.* It’s an innovative, vegan-friendly alternative to traditional cream cheese—and it’s so, so good.

*Nurishh Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread is an antibiotic and hormone-free food.

Cream cheese spread on small slices of toasted bread

How It’s Made

Making the perfect animal free milk protein starts with having the perfect partners—Perfect Day. Together, we’re opening people’s minds to a tasty, new world of dairy.

The Perfect Pairing

We pair a cow's digital blueprint with friendly microflora. Don't worry- no labs or cows involved.

Add a little sugar

The microflora is fed sugar, vitamins and minerals to start fermentation.


The microflora produces an animal free whey protein.


The new animal free whey protein is washed, filtered and dried.


Ready for its starring role, a protein that's identical to a dairy whey protein is created and perfect.

Ta-Da and Delicious

The protein is combined with high‑quality plant-based ingredients to create our tasty animal free cream cheese spread.