Frequently Asked Questions

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What does “Animal Free” mean?

No animals were used to make the non-animal whey protein found in Nurishh Incredible Dairy. The milk protein is combined with the rest of our quality plant-based ingredients – like coconut oil and potato protein – to create our tasty cream cheese spread, which means that Incredible Dairy has no animal rennet or ingredients.


How is the product animal free if it contains dairy proteins?

Nurishh Incredible Dairy is made with a non-animal whey protein produced by our partner, Perfect Day. This protein is created using the genetic code of a cow (from a database) through a fermentation process instead of using actual cows.

If you can imagine how beer is made, the yeast is fermented to create alcohol. In Nurishh Incredible Dairy’s case, the protein is made in a brewing tank where micro-flora digest plant nutrients and turn them into animal-free milk protein. After fermentation, they filter everything except the milk protein – identical to the protein found in nature – that’s ready to be used to make animal-free products with little impact on the earth or animals.

For additional information on how the protein is made, please visit Perfect Day’s website.


How can this product be lactose free if it contains milk allergens?

For the first time in the history of milk, actual cow’s milk proteins (whey and casein) are being produced without cows. Our product uses a protein that is molecularly identical to the milk proteins produced by cows in nature, so customers with a dairy allergy should avoid any product made with Perfect Day’s animal-free protein.

However, our product is 100% lactose free because we only use the non-animal whey protein component of milk, whereas traditional cream cheese uses all three components of milk (protein, lactose, and water) in their products.


How does Nurishh Incredible Dairy benefit the environment?

When compared to traditional dairy production, the creation of the non-animal whey protein used in our animal-free cream cheese is 91% to 97% lower in greenhouse gas emissions, 96% to 99% lower in blue water consumption, and 29% to 60% lower in energy demand.

Our delicious cream cheese spread is also made without cows, which means it’s cruelty free! Enjoying animal-free dairy is a great way to benefit the planet, animals, and you.


Is Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese vegan or vegan-friendly?

Our cream cheese spread alternative is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly! The protein used in our animal-free dairy is made via fermentation, with zero animals used in the process, so we consider it to be suitable for vegan diets. There are many reasons for following a vegan diet and lifestyle, so we encourage each person to decide individually if this vegan-friendly cream cheese spread alternative is right for them.

Regardless, because the animal-free whey protein ingredient is molecularly identical to whey protein from cows, it is not suitable for those with a milk protein allergy, which is why we declare ‘contains milk allergen’ on the packaging. **Contains Milk Protein**


What is the difference between animal-free cheese and vegan cheese?

While vegan cheese is typically made using a plant-based soy or nut milk, animal-free cheese and dairy products are made through a fermentation process that creates a milk protein identical to what is seen in nature. This gives it the taste and texture of traditional cheese with the added benefits to the environment, animals, and you!


What is the nutrition profile of Nurishh Incredible Dairy Cream Cheese? How does it compare to traditional and plant-based cream cheese?

Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free is as good but better than traditional and vegan cream cheeses because it has the delicious taste and creamy texture of traditional dairy but is a lactose- and gluten-free cream cheese. It contains complete protein with nine essential amino acids, 0 mg of cholesterol – plus it’s antibiotic- and hormone-free. Our cream cheese spread alternative is perfect for a delicious, plant-friendly addition to every meal.


How does Nurishh Incredible Dairy compare to traditional dairy cream cheese?

Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free cream cheese spread has the same fresh, satisfying taste and creamy, spreadable texture as the dairy cream cheese you love. Like traditional dairy cream cheese spread, it contains protein with all nine essential amino acids.

But unlike traditional dairy cream cheese, it is…

  • Lactose free
  • Antibiotic and hormone free
  • Gluten free
  • Animal free and vegan-friendly
  • Made with 0 mg of cholesterol per serving

How does Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread taste just like traditional dairy cream cheese?

Our delicious non-animal cream cheese alternative is made with animal-free whey protein to provide an authentic dairy taste and texture experience. You will be amazed by the fresh, satisfying taste and creamy texture that spreads perfectly on bagels, toast, and more!


Where can I find your products?

You can find Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread at your favorite grocery retailer or use our store locator to find our animal-free cream cheese spread alternative near you.


Can I order directly from Nurishh Incredible Dairy or online?

Unfortunately, we do not sell or ship our products directly to customers. You can find our delicious cream cheese at a store near you.


Is this cream cheese spread gluten or lactose free?

Yes, Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread is a completely gluten- and lactose-free cheese and can be enjoyed by those with a lactose or gluten intolerance.


Can I consume this product if I have a milk allergy?

While our cream cheese spread alternative is animal free, it contains non-animal whey protein, which has the same molecular structure as whey protein in cow’s milk and contains milk allergens. Please consult your physician or healthcare provider for more information about your dietary needs.


Where can I learn more about your non-animal whey protein ingredient?

You can learn more about the cow-free milk protein used in our product by visiting Perfect Day’s website.


What does it mean that Nurishh Incredible Dairy cream cheese contains Complete Protein?

This means our non-animal whey protein ingredient contains all nine essential amino acids – just like traditional dairy cream cheese.


How long past the “best before” date is this cream cheese okay to eat?

We recommend enjoying Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread by the date that is printed on the package.


Do Nurishh Incredible Dairy products need to be refrigerated?

Yes. For your safety and best quality, our non-animal cream cheese should be refrigerated at all times.