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New Kinds Of Happiness Are Waiting—Just Open Your Mouth And Mind.

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We believe when we’re open to new possibilities, we’re happier. We’re tirelessly working to open people’s minds and mouths to new delicious, innovative dairy that’s better for… well, everything. That’s why we created a cream cheese spread alternative that’s rich, creamy and animal free. It’s better for tomorrow while filling our bellies with pure happiness today.

Bagel with cream cheese topped with peanut butter and pomegranate seeds


After two generations of cheesemaking, the Jouault family, pioneered and developed the field of plant-based alternatives to cheese. Later, Bel acquired the brand from the Jouaults and re‑named it Nurishh.

Today, people want more sustainable and ethical choices when it comes to what they eat. That’s why Bel expanded Nurishh to also include Incredible Dairy Cream Cheese Spread Alternative, made with an animal free milk protein.

At Bel, we’re experts in pioneering breakthrough cheese alternatives, and we will continue to innovate dairy products for people who want a better cheese substitute.

Balsamic Roasted Tomato Cream Cheese Spread Toast


Our delicious Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread will open your mind and your mouth to delicious alternative dairy products that taste like dairy, but don’t involve a cow. Made using an animal free whey protein created by our partners at Perfect Day, our cream cheese spreads are free of lactose, gluten, antibiotics and hormones. Being kinder to the planet—that’s the future of dairy.

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Animal free dairy contains the nine types of amino acids you need from food called a “complete protein,” and it’s it’s gluten and lactose free, too.

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Compared to the total protein in milk, production of the whey protein used in our Animal Free Cream Cheese is 91% to 97% lower in greenhouse gas emissions, 96% to 99% lower in blue water consumption, and 29% to 60% lower in energy demand.

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Enjoying animal free foods means improving the welfare of animals. Kinder, better dairy—we can definitely support that.